Blackjack is a popular card game in live and online Singapore casino & online Malaysia casinos. It is one of the most played games as it’s easy to play. However, even if it’s easy to play, that doesn’t mean it is easy to win this game. The 2 1 2 blackjack strategy is regarded as good for winning- but is there any truth to this claim? Let us find out.

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2 1 2 Blackjack Strategy- Does It Really Work?

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Players often take the help of different strategies such as 2 1 2 blackjack strategy, counting cards, oscars blackjack, 1 3 2 6 betting system, or Martingale system to win in this game.

The majority of experienced and professional blackjack players follow some kind of a betting system. There’s always a debate on the effectiveness of these betting systems, but you should use whatever works for you.

A blackjack game’s objective is simple: Beat the dealer by getting a total hand count closer to 21 and more than the dealer without busting or get an exact count of 21 as it’s considered the winning hand.

Being one of the most popular casino card games, blackjack attracts newbies on all betting sites. If you want to improve your chances of winning- you need to understand your strategies before you deploy them.

Let us have a look at the 212 blackjack strategy- which is very popular.

Is the 212 blackjack strategy a positive progression betting system?

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You should know that there are several strategies that you can use to win blackjack. Each system has its own way of winning the game. But no approach gives you a 100% solution.

Some blackjack betting strategies use positive progression and some use negative progression betting systems. The reason for that is the way these strategies inherently work.

Progressive systems are betting strategies to increase or decrease your bets depending upon your previous hand’s outcome. Positive progression means you bet more when you win and maximize profit and negative progression means you bet more after you lose a bet.

So, the 212 blackjack strategy is a positive progression betting system. How? Continue reading to know more about this strategy.

About 2 1 2 blackjack strategy

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Ever heard of the “Manhattan blackjack strategy”? Well, it’s also commonly known as the 212 blackjack strategy. The central idea of this strategy is to get repeated smaller wins.

Once you are on hot streaks of winning, you increase your bets. And if you lose, then cut down the losses by decreasing the bet. The most crucial point of this strategy is that it works very well with online blackjack.

Tip :- You don’t immediately increase the bet after one win; instead, you increase your bet at the start of a winning streak.

Due to covid, we are restricted to our homes and forced to do most of the work digitally. Taking advantage of this, playing blackjack on online portals like ASAA88 as it’s the perfect opportunity for professional players worldwide. Put your skills to test and try different strategies while playing from the comfort of your home.

How the blackjack betting strategy 2 1 2 works

2-1-2 manhattan

If you know the Martingale system, then the only thing you need to know is that the 212 strategy is precisely the opposite of the Martingale strategy. It’s pretty simple to grasp and execute a 2-1-2 betting system.

Before we get to know this strategy, it’s essential to understand what the term “unit” means in any blackjack betting system. A unit is equivalent to the minimum amount of bet applicable at a specific blackjack table. For example, if it’s a $5 table, you are playing blackjack, starting with the minimum bet of $5, equal to one unit. That would make $10 as two units and so on.

Let’s say we are playing at a $2 blackjack table, which means that a unit is equivalent to $2. We start with a stake of $4 (2 units). Now, there are two possibilities- either you win or lose.

  1. If you win, then according to the 2 1 2 blackjack strategy, you will decrease the stake by 1 unit ($2), which is $2. If you win the next round as well, you will start the next round with 2 units which means you increase 1 unit in stake as you keep winning consecutive rounds. But if you lose a round, you must begin the next round with 1 unit which was the original bet.
  2. If you lose/the dealer wins, you must start your next round from the initial stage/original bet, which is 2 units( 4$).

This is an ideal strategy for players who want to play a safe game. The chances of getting a profit are high even if you lose a few rounds.

Benefits of a 212 blackjack strategy

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The most beneficial thing about this betting system is that your initial profits are kept as a safety net while also reducing the stakes. If you are on hot streaks of winning, then you can use the profits on increasing your bet gradually.

This strategy makes the player aware of their stakes and better manage them depending on if they win/lose the round. Safeguarding your profits is easier using this strategy as you start with the original bet once you lose.

Tip: – The number of times a player loses or wins around can be the same, but what influences the profit is the increasing and decreasing of stakes during each round.


Although there is no shortage in the number of strategies in this blackjack game, there are only a few of them you will be using. Try out the 2 1 2 blackjack strategy on Asaa88- online Malaysia casino and see for yourself if this system suits you and brings you profit. It is one of the safest betting systems out there, and it’s pretty popular among the blackjack community.


How do I increase my chances of winning blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most common casino games out there. Play blackjack online as well as in live Malaysia & Singapore casinos. Usually, one or more players play this game against a dealer. The house edge is the advantage the casino has over the players, and beating the house edge is key to winning this game

Winning at blackjack is easier if you follow a specific strategy. The 212 blackjack strategy is the safest betting system. You can easily apply in online Malaysia casino games as well as live casinos. Using this strategy, you will have a better chance at keeping track of your stakes and make better decisions during the game.

When should you increase your bet in blackjack?

Increasing bet can be risky if you are not following a proper betting system to play blackjack. Blackjack is all about patience and skill if you are playing it online Malaysia casino games or at a live casino. To beat the house edge can be difficult, and to do that, you will need help from a betting system.

According to the 212 blackjack strategy, you must increase your bet at the initial stages of a winning streak. This is the best time to increase your bets because you can profit from your winning streak in blackjack. The first time you win a round in blackjack, decrease your stake as you are not sure you have a winning streak or not. If you win consecutively, then start increasing your bets gradually as this will bring in the profits.

What is the best blackjack strategy?

Every blackjack strategy will claim that it’s the best strategy to play blackjack. However, the most common opinions are that a basic blackjack strategy or counting cards are the best strategies to win the game. But counting cards is impossible in the present scenario as most of the blackjack games use around 4 – 5 decks of cards. This makes it difficult to count cards accurately. Dealers are aware of card counters, and to counter this problem, they constantly shuffle the cards using a dealer’s shoe, which eliminates the possibility of counting cards.

2 1 2 blackjack strategy stands out among the other betting systems as it safeguards your profits and decreases your stakes. You can increase your profit by raising the stake if you are on hot streaks of winning. You can start the game with the minimum stake at the table and gradually work your way up to the profits. If you lose around, you have to set your stake to the original bet. This minimizes your chances of losing money, and that’s why this is the best blackjack strategy.

Why should I use a betting system in blackjack?

It has been proved that using a betting system has higher chances of success in blackjack. When you use a betting system such as 2 1 2 blackjack betting strategy, you create or respond to scenarios in a predetermined way which has predetermined outcomes. This gives you a clear vision of the game and how to play it.

Although no betting strategy guarantees 100% wins but your chances of winning are highly increased as compared to when you play without any strategy. This is why you should be using a betting system in blackjack.

You can choose from a variety of betting strategies such as the basic blackjack strategy, the 2 1 2 blackjack strategy, Oscars blackjack system or Martingale system and so on.

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