The Labouchere system is a strategy created to work with even bets. Meaning, you can use it while betting on 1-18/19-36, and Red/Black, and Even/Odd. Using the method to play on the inside bets can be somewhat risky since the numbers don’t add up, and you could end up losing a lot. You must bet on something with around a 50% success chance.

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How does the Labouchere system work?

If you want to go for the Labouchere system, first you must decide how much you want to win. Now, break down the figure into a few smaller numbers that can add up to your goal. Here is an example of how the sequence might look if you wish to win £10 in total-

1 – 1 – 1 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 1

The way your sequence goes is totally up to you. You determine the money you want to win eventually and how you split it up along the sequence. When you play the actual game, take the rightmost and leftmost numbers from your sequence and add them. This is the bet amount for the spin. We need to bet £2 for our first spin in the example above.

If you succeed in winning the bet, cross out the numbers from the series you just used–since you succeeded in winning a part of your goal. In that example, if we won the bet (£2), our series would look like this:

1 – 1 – 2 – 2 – 2

Strategy for the next round

For the next round, we will use the new rightmost and leftmost numbers to bet–in this case, 2 + 1 = 3. You must repeat the whole process until you cross out all the numbers. At this point, you have accomplished your objective and won whatever you were expected to win. Of course, nothing can stop you from creating an original sequence and starting again.

If, however, you somehow lose the bet, you shouldn’t cross out the numbers. Instead of that, you can add the number you just bet to the rightmost side of the sequence. Now you must include it in your bet since you need to make up for the money you just lost. If you lost the first bet in our example, the sequence would look like this.

1 – 1 – 1 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 1 – 2

In a nutshell

This is how the famous Labouchere strategy goes. It’s simple to execute and follow once you get the hang of it. Just don’t neglect to perform the two main actions:

  • Cross out the numbers on the right and left side after a win
  • Don’t cross out the numbers and add the number you’ve bet to the right side of the sequence after a loss

Advantages to the Labouchere strategy

labouchere calculator

The obvious benefit to the Labouchere system is that you no longer need to score constant wins to eventually meet your goal. As you can only add one number to the line every time you lose, but cross off two numbers every time you win. Winning one-third of the time is enough for you to maintain your line.

Since you would win more than one-third of the time in the long run, you could feel confident that you tend to shrink your line over some time and eventually clear it to meet your goal.

This method has a slight resemblance to systems like the Martingale, in which you will have to increase your bets if you hit a losing streak. However, this effect is less severe than in the martingale system, where your bets always double. The change in bet sizes is much more gradual in the Labouchere, making it somewhat more manageable for most players.

Why Use the Labouchere betting system in online Malaysia & Singapore Casino?

Before you choose to use the Labouchere system, consider several things. While the system appears as it would usually make you a winner, you will lose a lot of money.

Also, your bets won’t increase as rapidly as in the Martingale; they can get quite large. Also, since a single win is not enough to bring you back down to your lowest betting amount, it will often take a few large bets to get you back on track once you lose a streak. In the long run, the Labouchere system will not alter the casino’s house edge either, so these online Malaysia casinos still have a benefit over a player.

However, that also doesn’t mean the Labouchere system for roulette is a bad strategy. This is a system that makes you think a little more than others. That makes it feel just a bit more interactive than other betting systems.

There’s also excitement that comes as you go close to meeting your goal. That makes Labouchere a lot more fun to play. If you’d wish to play an enjoyable system that helps you stay focused on meeting a specific goal, the Labouchere is definitely right for you.

Does the Labouchere betting system work in online Malaysia & Singapore Casino?

labouchere roulette system

Because the Labouchere returns a profit by winning fewer bets than you lose, there are also the people who believe it works. Indeed, you can earn money using this system if you somehow dodge going on a lengthy losing streak. The trouble is that there is never a guarantee that you won’t go on a long losing streak. In fact, it’s fairly likely that you will if you frequently play enough or for long enough.

A losing streak can make the required stake too high by raising your stakes after every loss. You may not have sufficient money, and even with a large bankroll, there are many betting limits to consider. Basically, one way or another, a time will come when you cannot make a bet at stake. Reaching this point will certainly cost any profits you have made previously with the system, and perhaps a great deal more too.

The Labouchere tempts people because they don’t think that they will lose enough bets in a row and cause a problem. For instance, they assume that if they detect a red number a few successive times at the roulette table, then it should be black soon.

Although this is not true, the roulette wheel has no memory, and it has been read 20 times in a row; the chances for the next number to be red are always the same as it is black. The false belief that a black number is more likely to be out after several red numbers are spun in a row- often known as the gambler’s fallacy. This fallacy has caused many gamblers to lose substantial sums of money, and you don’t want to do the same.

Disadvantages of Labouchere sports betting system

There are downsides to all the betting strategies, including Labouchere.

Whilst negative progression systems intend to recoup the number of losses by winning with a bigger stake; you’re never guaranteed to win ultimately. It’s entirely possible that you can go on an extended losing streak. If you don’t have a bankroll to sustain this run, you could lose a large amount of money.

This means that the Labouchere system is not so practical for players with a small bankroll. So, if you’re a beginner or simply a player who doesn’t fancy breaking into the bank, it’s probably best to stay clear of the Labouchere system. That’s why you should know other working strategies as well. Check out on Asaa88 – Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino what else you can use to win bets.

Reverse Labouchere betting strategy for online Malaysia & Singapore Casino

labouchere staking plan

Some people even reversed the Labouchere from a negative progression (raising bets when you lose) to a positive progression (raising bet as you win). This strategy is the reverse of the Labouchere progression:

You add one number at the end when you win, and you erase the two numbers when you lose. Specifically:

  • Bet the sum total of the first and last number in your sequence
  • If you lose, erase the two numbers you have bet (the last and the first in your sequence)
  • When you win, add the sum (of your bet) at the end

With this system, you get to experience many relatively small losses. This reversed Laboucher was first recognized by Seton Robert Beresford in the 1920s and was put to the right use by Norman Leigh in Nice in 1966. His book called “Thirteen against the bank” describes how he beat a online Singapore casino with a group of thirteen players who played six even chances simultaneously on two roulette tables. They used a win limit. They let the progression rise to infinity till they hit the roulette table limit.

There is also a quite interesting variation of the Reversed Labouchere with a stop loss. The impression behind that modification is for other systems that can require a stop loss.


The Labouchere is eventually not a great system. However, you can lose more bets than you can win and still profit from this. But there is also a great chance that you will ultimately lose it all because of a long losing streak. You may get lucky using it a few times, or even for a longer period of time. The probability, though, is that you will eventually run out of money.

While we don’t recommend using the Labouchere, we understand why it can be tempting. If you’re prepared to take risks and have the discipline to stop playing if the bets get too high, then you can have fun with it. You may have a few winning sessions as well, and you’ll have to just hope that your losing sessions are not all bad. Therefore, know about other better betting strategies that are less risky at Asaa88 – Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino.


Is Labouchere system any good?

The Labouchere system is really organized and neat – if you don’t mess it up, the numbers always sum up nicely and provide you with a sense of fulfilment. If you win just as much as you lose, you can surely be at a profit once you follow the sequence correctly, and if you don’t hit a big losing streak mid-game.

This system has some common factors with the Martingale strategy, but the progression is not that steep. Losing streaks is not a big deal when using the Labouchere. After all, you do not double your bet every once you lose. This makes the system quite manageable for most players. Check out the best games online listed in ASAA88 – Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino where you can learn to play roulette with this strategy.

What is the Reverse Labouchere?

The Labouchere system is based on increasing the bets when you lose. A group of people designed the Reverse Labouchere system–raising the bets when you win. This is how it works:

  • If you win, add the total of the bet at the sequence’s end
  • If you lose, delete the numbers you bet

By using this system, you lose very small amounts of money. However, somehow if the wheel turns in your favour and you get to win twice as many games as you lose, you might potentially win a big amount of money. Sadly, the house edge doesn’t let that happen a lot.

Can you use the Labouchere system sports betting on other games?

For sure you can! You are not limited to roulette with this betting system alone. It can also be used to even money bets in craps – such as pass/don’t pass the line. It works with blackjack and baccarat, as well as sports betting.

Is it okay to use zeros in the sequence of numbers?

Yes. In fact, many players opt for this to even out the wagering. It’s a decent system due to its flexibility.

What happens if you bet the wrong amount?

It will mean that the cancellation system will not return to zero at the end (this is when all the numbers are crossed off). If you were meant to bet £15 but actually bet £12, your figures will be wrong by £3 at the end.

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