If you are a sports enthusiast, then you surely know what betting is. Many residents of Singapore participate in betting. They are constantly searching for Singapore football betting tips online.

Betting gives sports enthusiasts another way to enjoy their favorite sport and especially football. It feels good to see your predictions about games turn out to be true- and there is a chance of winning real money. Here you will find everything you need to know about online football betting football betting and how to earn money through betting.

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What is Singapore football betting?

Before we try to understand some Singapore football betting tips, let’s know how betting works. If you are already aware of football betting, skip to the best football betting tips section below.

Betting, as we know, is choosing a probability, hoping that it would be the winning bet from a pool of different outcomes. This concept applies to a variety of sports like football, soccer, basketball, and many others. Choosing the winning result is a matter of skill or luck or both. Local league and other popular football leagues worldwide, such as the Premier league interests residents of Singapore a lot.

Bookies target upcoming football matches to place bets and set odds to facilitate football betting. Singapore online betting on sports is equally engaging and enjoyable as compared to live betting on football matches.
Have you ever wondered, “is football betting worth it?”. If yes, then continue reading further to know how to bet on football games and what are the chances of winning these bets.

Several football betting websites in Singapore, including ASAA88 – Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino, where information related to football betting is available, and betting platforms are available.

How to bet on football games

Football betting is fun, and numerous online Malaysia & Singapore Casino portals provide the platform for enthusiastic football fans to bet on their favorite games. Be it Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, or any Singapore football league, betting is possible on every match of every league. Let’s understand the different types of bets which we can place on football matches.

Popular football betting types

singapore pools football bet type

There are many ways to bet in football, and we give you a brief overview of the most common types of bets in football.

    • Match result bet

Match result bet and 1X2 ber are the same—one of the most popular football betting options. The idea of this bet is to predict who will win the match. It can either be a win for the home team (1) or a draw (X) or a victory for the away team (2).

    • Half time bet

Football matches consist of 2 halves of 45 minutes each. This bet tries to predict the winner at halftime. If a team leads the halftime score, then the bet on that team is the winning bet. Bets on a draw (both teams have equal score) by halftime is also applicable.

    • Accumulator bet

This bet is popular in football betting. It has a high potential for an outstanding value because the winning is enormous in this bet, whereas the probability of winning is less. In accumulator bets, you have to take match result bets and choose football matches from different leagues. The number of football matches you choose, the higher value you can win. To win this bet, predict the final result of each game correctly. If even one result does not match your prediction, then you lose the bet.

Asian Handicap bet – One of the best football betting strategy

A handicap bet is where you bet in favor of one team winning the match. An Asian handicap bet is the same as a handicap bet, except when it’s a draw, the bet is void.

There are two types of handicap

  • half goal (0.5)
  • whole goal (1.5) – we will look at how this bet works

Since the draw outcome is void in an Asian handicap, the only outcome is if the team wins. Let’s assume Team A plays Team B.

Out of the two teams, the team which is favorite to win (let’s say Team A) gets a handicap of -1.5 virtual goals, and Team B gets a handicap of +1.5 virtual goals.

If you bet on Team A to win the match, then to win the bet, Team A should win the game by 2 or more goals. If Team A wins by 1 goal or the game’s outcome is a draw or Team B wins the football match, you lose the bet.

There are many variations of Asian handicap bets to use according to what you want to use or what’s available at the place where you place your bets.

More football betting types

singapore pools football betting odds
    • Total goals (under/over)

This is the type of bet where there are only two outcomes available. The number of goals is less than or more than the number of goals you have bet on before the batch. Consider it to be an easy bet as you can generally guess which matches will have more or fewer goals.

    • Correct score bet

This football betting type is pretty simple, and the returns on this bet are not very high. Usually, this type of bet is just to have fun and not lose or win a lot of money. All you have to do is predict the final score after the football matches’ standard time( 90 minutes).

    • Goalscorer bet

Guess which players will score goals in football matches. A slight variant lets you choose the first or the last goal of the game. You win money if you choose the correct goal scorer.

Best football betting tips

One of the sure ways to lose money while betting on football matches is by going in without a strategy. One should be well aware of how betting works to understand what to do and when to do it. Identifying critical moments in the game and guessing correctly what will be the winning bet is crucial.

Understanding football game rules and football tips are a basic necessity to betting on football matches. Be thorough with all the game rules and regulations to have a better chance at predicting the winning bet. Use a reputable website to get to know these rules and bet and watch football together.

Some of the best football betting tips

singapore pools football betting

We have gathered some football betting tips to help you place bets, giving you high returns and saving you from losing a lot of money.

  • When you bet on the football match’s first scorer, make sure that the striker is on a hot streak of scoring. This is arguably the best way to bet on football.
  • Try not to pick midfielders and defenders who don’t take free kicks, corners, and penalties in football matches.
  • Half-time (HT) and Full time (FT) have better odds, but these are the type of bets players lose a lot of money because such bets have a much higher risk involved.
  • Do not bet on strong teams who are typing to find their form back. Wait for them to get to their best game and then bet on them.
  • The Last Scorer bet is quite a long shot. This bet can go wrong in several ways.
  • Placing bets on top teams should often be done in the earlier part of the season or before half of the season is completed.
  • Understanding football betting is easy when you have extensive knowledge about the game, the teams, and its players and about betting rules and regulations.
  • Don’t bet on underdog teams, even if their odds are higher.

Football betting tips

  • Know different types of bets available in specific websites to bet on the website, which provides you with bets you like to bet on during the game.
  • Research extensively on teams that you will be betting on to have a better outcome. Get a better perspective on the player stats, the team’s quality, and the form they are going through.
  • Make sure you have enough funds for football betting on matches.
  • As you gain experience, you learn new things, and you make better decisions with the help of football tips.
  • Bet on double chance as you have a higher probability of winning there. Even if one prediction of the two is correct, you win money in that bet.
  • If you use a double chance bet, then the odds will be less, and to win more money, you will need to place a high stake.

Football betting odds meaning

football betting singapore pools

Football betting odds are the possibility of how likely a specific event will happen. Based on the event occurring, what kind of money you will win is football betting odds explained in a nutshell. Keep in mind that the football betting odds today will not be the same for another match.

There are a fixed number of outcomes for any event. These numbers of outcomes change according to the type of event. For example, when you flip a coin, then the number of outcomes is two as the coin can either land on heads or tails.

Therefore if you bet on either heads or tails, the odds of that event happening is 50%. If you are betting on football matches then you should know how Singapore football betting odds work. It will help you to identify what specific betting odds mean for your betting activity and get accurate football betting predictions. Reap benefits with the knowledge of betting odds by using it to your advantage.


Bettings is a fun way to enjoy your favourite football matches while also standing to win money off of it. You can bet from anywhere in the world with the help of betting websites. Each website has their set of bets which will be different as compared to other websites. Make sure to bet on websites which have bets favourable to you.

If you are an ardent football betting fan and would like to bet on your favorite football matches, you should surely follow our tips to have an enjoyable football betting experience. Remember our strategies and have a chance at winning money on your bets.


How do you always win a football bet?

With better research- it is essential to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals and to analyze information critically to leverage the trends based on your findings of football matches. There is no quick way to do this but to learn over time and apply some football tips. Like any lesson in life, It is also important to learn from your own and also other’s mistakes.

What is the best football betting strategy?

The best football betting strategy system is the one that has a well-balanced risk. It is important to pay attention to numbers and not emotions. Keep a check on the match-ups, fields and gain better insights on what could work to your advantage. Gather new information timely and continue observing it throughout the week for possible deviations. One should also consider diversifying their bets for a better payout – but there is no substitute for research in football betting.

Why do most sports bettors lose?

Lack of research and impulsive decisions are the two most common reasons for losing on bets. Irrational decisions which are not based on the logical hypothesis can lead to severe losses. Many bettors lack long-term vision due to which they fall prey to poor money management and imprudent decisions. Lack of focus, patience, and planning add to the list of Don’ts in football betting.

What is the most profitable football bet?

There are different odds on different types of bet and the one with highest odds is a better bet. Among the many bets we consider Win-draw-win bet to be the most profitable bet in football betting. Because it is easier to predict which team is winning based on their recent form, past performances, player form and team quality. Usually teams with a good run of math have a high chance of winning a match because of boosted morale. Best football betting tips will guide you to invest in a more profitable football bet.

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