The betting industry in Singapore is flourishing, and it has grown significantly in the past few years. Technological advancement has a massive part in the flourishing of the industry in this country. If you are wondering what is the best way to bet in Singapore, then read the complete blog. Once you finish reading it, you will get to know things about Singapore online betting which are important for a good experience. The information presented below will help you make good decisions before you start betting in Singapore.

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When is it legal?-You must know these things about Singapore betting

To curb the practice of illegal gambling and betting in Singapore, the government enacted the Remote Gambling Act in 2014. According to this law, Singaporeans cannot partake in any form of remote gambling or betting. Betting or gambling through any kind of communications technology is illegal.

People who want to place bets legally can only do so on Singapore pools betting and Singapore turf club websites. By making it legal to bet on these two websites, the government ensured that you could only place bets only on soccer, F1, horse racing, and participate in Toto and 4D.

When is it illegal?- One of the most important things about singapore betting

Only two operators allowed in Singapore

In the Remote Gambling Act, it outlines what will be considered illegal.
According to the act, it is illegal to place bets on foreign remote betting services. It also mentions that placing bets with local rookies is illegal. You will have to pay a hefty fine and spend time behind bars if the officials catch you placing bets with local bookies or on foreign betting websites.

Operators allowed in Singapore

Asaa88 is the leading websites on which you can do online betting in Singapore.

Singapore Pools allows you to place online bets on Football and Formula 1. They also offer lottery tickets for Toto and 4D. Anything more popular than sports betting is 4D and Toto in Singapore. The odds offered by these two betting services are not as attractive as other betting service providers worldwide. Since only Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club are legal in Singapore, all other sports betting services have retracted from the Singapore market.

Singapore Turf Club is an online sports bettor which allows people to place bets only on horseracing. It is a government-licensed organization that has a pretty large customer base.

If you lose, you still win

Before you jump to conclusions, let us explain what exactly we mean by saying, ”If you lose, you still win”.

In the world of betting, there are way more people who lose as compared to those who win. The betting services providers earn more in a day than the total money won by players in a week.

In Singapore, the surplus amount collected by betting service providers goes into the community chest. The community chest is given to charity, education, community, and sports development of Singapore. So in a way, if you lose, you are giving back to the community. Bearing this in mind, you may find it easier to handle a loss while betting on Singapore Pools or Singapore Turf Club sites.

Bettors/gamblers fund the iconic landmarks indirectly.

Punishment for illegal bettinggambling - One of the most important things about Singapore betting

Singapore is home to many iconic landmarks, and if you are a regular bettor/gambler, you may have a small part in creating these landmarks.

Yes, you read it right. Singapore Pools are a significant fund provider to the Indoor Stadium, the Esplanade, the first National Stadium, and the Garden by the Bay. These are some of the most iconic landmarks of Singapore, and Singapore Pools have funded their creation.

It means that if you have placed bets on Singapore Pools, you can be proud that you have a small part in building these landmarks.

Punishment for illegal betting/gambling – One of the most important things about Singapore betting

Singapore is pretty strict with its betting /gambling laws. It does not allow foreign operators to run an online betting service in Singapore. If a person is found running an illegal online betting service, then the person will face a fine between $2000 – $500,000 and up to 7 years behind bars.

And if the officials catch a player betting online on betting websites apart from Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club, then their fine is up to $5000 or 6months in prison. If you are too passionate about betting online on other platforms apart from the legalized one, then we suggest you use a VPN.

Popular sports for betting in Singapore

Singaporeans love sports and betting. Combine both, and get sports betting, which is a favorite Singaporean activity. Football is probably the most popular sport in the entire world. There are numerous matches one can bet on throughout the year.

The Premier League is the most popular football league, and it is the most popular league on which people place bets. When the Premier League season is not active during the summer, Singaporeans place bets on football leagues of Asia, such as the Chinese Super League.

Motor racing is another sport that is popular in Singapore to place bets. In the earlier days, a popular sport was horse racing, on which many people used to place bets. Gradually the customer base is shifting to placing bets on F1 racing.

Horse Racing bet types in Singapore Pools

Singapore pools provide you with only a specific type of bet you can place on a horse racing event.
Let’s look at some of the horse racing bet types.
Win Bet – Place a bet on a horse which you think will finish first
Roll Win Bet – Select the horses which you think will win in 2 or 3 races.
Place Bet – Select a horse that you think can finish first, second or third if the total number of runners is seven or more than 7. If the number of runners is 4,5, or 6, then select a horse that you think will finish first or second.

Football bet types in Singapore Pools

Singapore pools provide you with some specific types of bet which you can place on football matches.

Let’sLet’s look at some of the football betting types.

1X2 Bet – In this bet, you have to predict the final time results of the football match.

Total Goals – Predict the total number of goals that both the teams will score in a game.

Total Goals Over/under- Select a number and predict whether the number of goals, both the teams will score is over or under the selected number.

Team to score last – Predict which team will score the final goal of the game.

Contribution to monumental events -Did you know these things about Singapore betting?

Football bet types in Singapore Pools

As we already know, the surplus amount of profits goes to the country’s education, health and environment, and community development. Even the iconic landmarks use the surplus from profit from Singapore Pools for its construction.

One more way the surplus helps the nation is by its donation to the nation’s monumental events such as the National Day Parade and Chingay Parade. Now we have one more reason to place bets on Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

Foreign bookies over Domestic Operators – Difference between them will help you realise things about singapore betting which are important

Despite all the efforts by the Singapore government to curb illegal betting and promote betting in a legal way, many people prefer foreign bookies over domestic operators.

Foreign bookies offer way better odds than domestic bookies of Singapore. Even the number of sports on which you can place bets is pretty low if you compare it to what’s available on other betting sites online.

Even the number of different types of bets is pretty low as what the other foreign bookies offer.

Bonuses and promotions- It is one of those things about Singapore betting which is dynamic

Foreign sportsbooks provide bonuses and promotions, which are way more attractive for players than what Singapore government-approves betting sites should offer.

Foreign bookies even give you a bonus for a signup, and that lures most of the players to its site. Getting payouts and paying deposits is relatively easy to do in foreign sportsbooks.

Lucky outlets in Singapore- You must know these things about Singapore betting

Betting is a matter of luck and skill, and every bettor knows it. You can’t rely on only one factor and hope to win bets.

Only skill or only luck will only take you so far in the betting game. If you are equipped with skills, then you only need luck on your side to win. If you are looking for a bit of luck, you must know there are 10 Singapore Pools outlets considered lucky.

Make sure to place a bet from one of these ten outlets to improve your chances of winning a bet.

How old are Singapore Pools?

Laws addressing betting and gambling in Singapore

The reason for Singapore Pool’s creation is to end illegal gambling in Singapore. Illegal gambling was rampant during the early days of Singapore in the mid 19th century.

Singapore Pools was founded in 1968. It means that Singapore Pools is 54 years old. It has helped in decreasing a lot of illegal gambling and betting in Singapore.

Laws addressing betting and gambling in Singapore

In total, five primary laws are concerned with betting and gambling in Singapore.

Private Lotteries Act of 1952 – It prohibits organizing or promoting lottery.
The Betting Act of 1960 – It does not allow betting activities except for a few organizations.

Common Gaming Houses Act of 1961 – It outlaws public lottery and betting houses.

Casino Control Act 2006 – It only allows two casinos to run in the country.
Remote Gambling Act – According to this law, anyone participating in online betting from a prohibited pool then will face a fine and time behind bars.

These laws are among the things about Singapore betting one must know to avoid being part of the illegal practice.


Online gambling/betting in Singapore is still illegal if you do it through a betting service that the government does not sanction. If caught betting online on any website other than Singapore Pools or Singapore Turf Club, then you will face fine and time being bars. We have covered enough things about Singapore betting which will ensure that you have an amazing time.

Join ASAA88 to bet on live sports as it is completely safe and secure. Log on to the website now and start your betting journey.


Can you bet on sports in Singapore?

Betting is popular in Singapore, and Singaporeans love sports. Then capitalizing on both these things seems to be the most logical thing. Yes, you can bet on sports in Singapore, but there are a few rules you must follow.

Singapore does not allow betting on sports through online betting services except through two organizations; Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

The government has sanctioned these two organizations to allow players to place bets through them. You can bet on a limited number of sports in Singapore, such as Football, F1, Horse racing, and motor racing.

What are the rules for Singapore Pools?

Singapore pools follow some rules which you should be aware of if you ever want to place a bet in this specific organization.

Players can exclude themselves from the betting voluntarily.

Provide information related to betting and help services before they start placing bets.

Daily notifications on their deposits and winning or losing.

Provide monthly statements of players betting activities and past data.

Alert the players when their deposit depletes by 75% of its total amount.

When is it illegal to bet in Singapore?

It is illegal to run an online gambling operation that the government does not sanction.

One cannot transmit financial transactions relating to betting in Singapore.

You also cannot promote or advertise online betting in Singapore.

Individual players taking part in online betting on unlicensed websites may or may not be situated in Singapore.

If caught, then players can face fines up to $5000 or 6 months in prison. If you are found guilty of carrying out the online betting operation, a fine between $20,000 to $500,000 and jail up to 7 years is applicable.

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